On My Mind

Anyone else struggle to put words together and speak them? I certainly do. Writing helps me. I have the freedom, space, and mental clarity to say what I need to say. I am able to gather my words and get my point across. Truthfully, that’s one of the main reason’s why I was so intrigued to start a blog because I can write; I can say what I feel and think without feeling the judgement of what someone might say back to me. I don’t second guess myself. I can speak freely and openly.

So, Elle, why not just journal? Why announce everything to the public? Because I truly long for deep connections with people. I long for realness and rawness. I can share my thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences with you in hopes to make a difference. Something that I have said for years and years is every person matters, every person has a significance in this world, all everyone wants to feel is accepted and that they belong. That’s why I am here. I am here to hopefully help give you a place of belonging, comfort, happiness, and bring humor of course!


Your Friend Elle

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