Why I Got Hair Extensions

To say I’m the happiest girl on the planet is an understatement. If anyone personally knows me, knows how badly I battle with insanely fine/thin hair. It is the absolute worst. I have always had short hair, and desired long, thick, beautiful locks for years.

When I was in 7th grade, I got clip-in extensions, last year I got another set of clip-ins and always wished to have extensions in my hair; I wanted it to feel like my hair. So I checked out all the different styles of extensions that could actually attach to my hair, and it was perfect. Then I snapped back into reality and realized that I’m a college student that can hardly pay for a candy bar. Yeah, see ya never hair extensions. Boo.

But then…. I got lucky! My sister went to school for hair and she did them for free!!! BIG TIME SCORE. I just treated her to a free bag of Starbucks ground coffee, a gift card, and now your girl has the hair she literally dreamt of for years.

If anyone is contemplating extensions, please shoot me an email. Head to my contact page and ask all the questions! Otherwise, you can leave a comment below 🙂


Your Friend Elle

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